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Outdoor Battery Operated Infrared Spy Camera

Runs for up to 6 months on batteries

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SSC-400HRCInvisible Outdoor Infrared Camera$249.85
SSC-400HDAOutdoor Camera with HD Recording$299.85

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16Gb SD Card$29.50
32Gb SD Card$39.65

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Camouflage Battery-Operated Invisible Infrared LEDs Weatherproof Camera/DVR

The SSC-400HRC and SSC-400HDA uses 4 or 8 AA batteries and is fully weatherproof for outdoor use. The unit is completely invisible at night. We utilize 940nm light emitting diodes so there is no glow at all in the dark. The camera/dvr incorporates a 3.6mm wide angle lens. It is able to takes snapshots or video clips.

Set it to record video on motion detection, snapshots on motion detection, or both.  Invisible 940nm infrared LEDs allow for great covert pictures in low light. Images and video can be stored to included 8GB SD card, or larger SD cards (available separately above). This item is great for outdoor surveillance applications. Batteries can last up to 6 months on standby usage. Provides up to 65ft motion- detection range in daylight. About 40 ft detection range at night depending on the amount of ambient light. Unit can be used freestanding or attach to tree, pole, or wall.

High Definition Video

Set the camera to record either pictures or video on motion detection. The 12-megapixel color camera provides extremely great quality pictures in daylight. The high-quality color video camera also provides 1280x720HD (High definition model only) or 640x480 30fps fluid smooth video clips. Images are color during the day and black and white at night. Use the field of view (FOV) tool at right to determine distance or width of view.  Use 3.6mm for the lens size.

Record Motion-Detection Video Clips

Record video clips at 30 frames per second with 640x480 pixel resolution.  Motion-detection range is approx 65 ft. during daylight. Detection range at night may be less, depending on how much light is outdoors such as moon, stars, street lights, etc.  The unit can be set to record video on motion detection, snapshots on motion detection, or both. Unit can also be set to record snapshots at regular intervals - regardless of motion detected.

Last up to 6 Months Stand-By on Batteries

The unit can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or 8 AA batteries. Using 4 AA batteries will power the unit for approximately 3 months on standby.  Using 8 AA batteries will power the unit for approximately 6 months on standby. Battery life will vary depending on amount of video clips and nighttime recording when LEDs are used.

User Programmable

The SD card slot lets you expand the memory to your needs (32Gb Max). User-adjustable settings allow you to adjust the motion-detection sensitivity, clip length, and resolution. USB cable, RCA cable, and mounting strap included. Runs off 4 AA or 8 AA batteries. Housing is covered in camouflage for easy hiding in trees or shrubs.

SSC-400HDA Package Includes

  • SSC-400HDA Camouflage Color Camera/DVR
  • Auxiliary 8 AA hardware
  • 32 Gb SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Strap

SSC-400HRC Package Includes

  • SSC-400HRC Camouflage Color Camera/DVR
  • Auxiliary 8 AA hardware
  • 8 Gb SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Mounting Strap